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May 21, 2018 6:14 pm  

Hi all, 

Myself srikanth from India, Andhra Pradesh. I am finishing my PhD from IIT Delhi and offered a post doctoral fellowship in Fuzhou University in Fuzhou city. I come across some comments from friends that the life of vegetarian is miserable in china where more than 95% eat non-veg. So i have some concerns need to be clarified ahead of my arrival at Fuzhou. 


1. Are dal items available in Fuzhou (Directly or by courier service/online)? 

2. Can we get weekly dose of vegetables at Fuzhou ? 

3. The news of china made plastic rice being circulated in social media, I would like to know what is the situation there. 

4. Are there any restaurants of Indian origin at Fuzhou? 

5. How much it costs (in china RMB as well as INR) for a single person and couple of normal life style (no fooding at outside restaurants and no entertainment costs) ?

6. What food items can/should we carry? 

7. Is there any provision for importing items in the form of parcel service?

8. Last one is about weather and medical help in the city for common issues like fever, allergies, pain and stomach upset?


I know its a long list of questions but china seems an alien part when viewed from food, language perspective. I thank for all the advices and experiences. 


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