High-Level Indian business from China  delegation visited Assam

In August 2018 BJP National General Secretary and North East in-charge lead delegation consisting of Assam Industry Minister Shri Chandra Mohan Patowary to Guangzhou China, during the visit Minister Patowary invited India business delegation to Assam.

China Trade Forum  CEO Mr. Puran Jeswani took lead and organize 6 members Indian business delegation, visited  Guwahati on 1st October 2018.

The first meeting was arranged with industry minister at his office, during meeting Shri Ravi Capoor additional Chief Secretary and other senior officials of the department were present in a meeting.

First of all Ravi Capoor briefed business opportunity in Assam, and also introduced the new investment policy of the state. The delegations expressed willingness to work in government and will set up a business establishment in Assam and same time also promised that they will bring Chinese investment to Assam.

During the meeting area was also identified, bamboo , tea, plastic, fruit, organic food, petrochemical

Government informed the delegation that  Assam government has decided to connect with China by air & talks, negotiation are underway. Guwahati to Kunming/Guangzhou would be linked and air connectivity will cut down travel distance which will give a boost to business communication.

Kunming to Kolkata(K2K) Forum only one civilian forum between India and China which provides a platform to form communication and exchange of Idea for business, academic & people to people to contact. The alternate held in China and India. In 2018 it was held in China. Delegation proposed to Assam Government to host 2019 K2K forum in Guwahati and in K2K GUANGZHOU will be added into the forum.











印度高级商业代表团访问了阿萨姆邦 2018年8月,印度人民党国家总书记和由阿萨姆邦工业部部长Shri Chandra Mohan Patowary组成的东北负责人代表团访问中国广州,访问期间,印度工业部部长邀请印度工商界代表团访问阿萨姆邦。 2018年10月1日,中国贸易论坛首席执行官Mr.puran Jeswani 先生率领并组织6名印度商务代表团访问古瓦哈蒂。 第一次会议安排工业部长在他的办公室,在会议期间,Shri Ravi Capoor额外的政务司司长和其他高级官员出席了会议。 首先,拉维·卡普尔介绍了阿萨姆邦的商机,并介绍了国家新的投资政策。代表团表示愿意在政府部门工作,并将在阿萨姆邦设立企业,同时承诺将中国投资阿萨姆邦。 会议期间还确定了竹、茶、塑料、水果、有机食品、石化等 政府通知代表团,阿萨姆邦政府已决定与中国进行空中会谈,谈判正在进行中。高瓦哈蒂将与昆明/广州相连,空中连接将缩短旅行距离,促进商务交流。 昆明到加尔各答(K2K)论坛只有一个印度和中国之间的民间论坛,提供了交流和交流思想的平台,供商业、学术人士与人们联系。轮流在中国和印度举行。2018年在中国举办。代表团向阿萨姆邦政府提议2019年在古瓦哈蒂举办K2K论坛,广州K2K论坛将加入论坛。

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